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SCHOA Architectural Guidelines

When requesting tree removal, stumps must be ground, area re-sodded, or tree replaced with one the following: Crepe Myrtle, Dogwood or Maple.

Only Owens Corning Oakridge Driftwood shingles are approved. No other shingle will be allowed. The penalty for installed any other shingles is severe fines or forced removal of new roof.

All paint must be Sherwin Williams brand and the following trim colors listed below:
SW- 7621 Silvermist
SW-7617 Mediterranean
SW-7672 Knitting Needles
SW-7673 Pewter Cast
SW-7632 Modern Gray
SW-6258 Tricorn Black
SW-7503 Sticks & Stones

Vinyl siding will only be evaluated for approval if the request is to repaint with the original color, or one shade darker or one shade lighter of the original vinyl siding color, only using the Sherwin Williams VinylSafe paint and adhesive primer, and in accordance with these guidelines:

(1) Manufacturer-approved process:
The temperature at the time of installation must be in the mid-70s.
Home must be pressure washed prior to painting.
Primer and paint must be applied with roller or spray, not a brush.
Primer must be applied on the siding first, then the first coat of paint, allow to dry, then
a second coat of paint and allow to dry.
An ARC member must see primer installed and first and second coat installed.
(2) Further, your acknowledgement of all manufacturer’s guidelines for the vinyl siding
(3) In the future, if a weather, debris or cleaning/pressure washing causes the paint to chip, or flake then you must repaint the area within 30 days. Please follow the inspection timeline attached.
The “original colors” of each home can be found inside the breaker box. This includes color for trim and color of vinyl siding. Original colors are also approved.

The installation of solar panels is allowable, but must still be submitted for approval. The solar panels must be black in color. The solar panel company must be an approved, licensed solar panel company, and will be vetted by the ARB. A professional roofing company must certify that the roof is in good condition prior to the installation of panels. All electrical wiring must be concealed.