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Information Alert

From Red Oak.
“Last week we were made aware by several concerned customers that people were going door to door soliciting trash and recycling customers.
These are some of the concerns. 1. Door to door solicitation is not permitted in Forsyth County unless they have been permitted and wearing a county ID. The county has informed us that no company has applied for a solicitation permit and is asking if someone does knock on your door, please call the Forsyth County non-emergency# 770 781-3087 and report it. 2. They are asking for payment of cash, check, or credit card in advance for 3 months of service. Please be protective of your financial information. 3. They are insisting on canceling your prior service for you. How can someone cancel any service on your behalf? Can the satellite company cancel your cable bill for you? 4. The company these people are soliciting for presently do not have an account at the recycling center. There is only one option available to drop off recyclable items. Their solicitation includes recycling service. 5. They are pushy and seldom take no for an answer. 6. Any time anyone solicits your business please not only check their website but most importantly check if they are listed with the secretary of state and there are real people listed as owners.
We are passing on concerns that we have heard and been asked about. It you have any similar concerns or are just concerned about people going door to door in your neighborhood please call Forsyth County non-emergency# 770 781-3087.”
Carol Ulmer, Stonebrooke Commons HOA 770 906 3722